👉 we, AnotherOnline.Shop, are a print-on-demand business, which means that we create the designs that are depicted on our clothes, we then send them to a manufacturer, who then provides the product you ordered (a t-shirt for example), prints / stamps our designs on them and directly ships them to you. 

it is worth mentioning that we do not physically own any inventory of the products that we sell on our website. in legal terms, our business "trades by mail order or through internet sales businesses". 


due to the fully automated processes of our business type (print-on-demand), we are bound to several particular rules, which we have to follow.

for example, we cannot process refunds if you do not like the product you received or if you ordered it in the wrong number or color, because there has only been one product ever produced -the one you ordered in the first place- and it cannot be sold again through our automated process if the product is returned to the manufacturer. In a sense, if you refuse the product you ordered, it loses 100% of its value. 

so yes, whenever you buy something from AnotherOnline.Shop, it's 1/1 ("one out of one"), unique, as only the product you purchase has ever been produced and there's no stock lying around in a warehouse somewhere 👑

SIDENOTE: when you submit an order on our site (, you pay AnotherOnline.Shop the price you see on the website and then we, AnotherOnline.Shop pay our manufacturer (Printify) a very big percentage of that, for them to produce and ship the product(s) you ordered. 

once your order been communicated to our manufacturer (Printify), which is almost instant (it can take up to 1 hour but usually takes less than a minute), there are very limited actions we can take. in short:


👉 we, AnotherOnline.Shop, can only cancel an order within "less than 1 hour" of it being submitted. this "less than 1 hour"-window is usually -as briefly mentioned above- just a few seconds, so we will only be able to cancel your order if something goes terribly wrong on Printify's side and your order takes longer to be transmitted to them, which is almost impossible.

because of the way our business operates (that is "trading clothes by mail order or through internet sales businesses"), we state that we can not cancel an order once it has been submitted, because we are bound to our manufacturer's rules, so please take care while checking out and check your order multiple times.

as much as we would love to echange and/ or refund a faulty order, we do not decide which order is considered faulty. we can only work together with our customers (that's you) to provide as much evidence as possible to the manufacturer, in order to "win" an exchange / a refund / a return.

we have implemented an extra step before the actual checkout, where you can double check your cart and make sure that everything in it is what you wish to receive at your doorstep, as an extra security measure to keep you safe.

SIDENOTE: according to research, making the checkout process last too long can cost you conversions (sales), but we'd rather have visitors abandoning their carts due to a longer checkout, than our actual customers receiving the merchandise they've been waiting for in wrong numbers or colors 💜

in this sense, we can not cancel, exchange, refund and/ or return an order once it has been submitted. you can read more about that in our Exchange, Refund and Return Policy (ERRP)

👉 we, AnotherOnline.Shop, may be granted an exchange / a refund / a return from our manufacturer only in case of an error in production.

In some cases,
even though we have ordered (and will order) each and every piece we sell on our shop for ourselves as a quality-check, we can not promise that the product you have ordered will arrive as you expect it to be, or that they will be the exact same as the ones we ordered, as we do not own any clothes or print the stamps ourselves and each piece of clothing is produced individiually.

due to the fully automated processes of our business type, we can not process exchanges / refunds / returns if the reason does not fall under one of the categories mentioned in our Exchange, Refund and Return Policy (ERRP). and/ or our manufacturer (Printify) does not grant us an exchange / refund / return.

should we (that's YOU and AnotherOnline.Shop) have enough photo / video evidence to submit to our manufacturer in order to "win" an exchange, a refund or a return, we will of course exchange the faulty merchandise and/ or give you your money back, according to our manufacturer's decision.

SIDENOTE: on our first order (that's all of our products in black and white), one hoodie arrived in the wrong size and one hoodie arrived separately 4 business days later. our "business card" was in neither of them. in case you experience the same or anything similar, we beg you to let us know, and we'll try to come up with something to make up for it.

👉 we, AnotherOnline.Shop, can only get as much information about your order as you do. due to our fully automated processes, you, the customer, receive an update via email at the excact same time we get it, so reaching out to us to ask for an update will only waste your time and test your patience while you wait for a response. you can read more about this matter in our Shipping Policy.

you can reach out to us at any time via email at: